Thursday, May 13, 2010

Purple Cow Pops

My kids thought these pops were such a treat! They were so easy to make and from start to clean-up took only about 5 minutes!

To be honest, I did not measure anything for these. I just eyeballed to what I thought would fill my ice cube tray.

Start with some plain homemade yogurt, then add your favorite flavor of frozen 100% fruit juice concentrate. Enough to flavor. I'm sure pureed fruit or 100% fruit juice would work fine also, this is just what I had on hand to use! I used 100% grape which did have one other ingredient of citric acid, which I didn't realize when I bought it, and I can't bear to throw away food, so I came to terms with the tiny bit of citric acid and used it! Next time, I'll be sure to check! I have a mango to use up so I may just puree that to use!

Stir and pour into ice cube trays, then insert popsicle sticks! I got my sticks for a few cents at the craft store with a coupon!
Freeze and enjoy your kids smiling faces while they gobble them up!

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